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Surround Yourself With Support & Success

Curated Coworking & Community for Wichita Women in Business

Inspiring Energy

Put yourself in a workspace that just *feels* good. Organically connect with likeminded women aligned with their purpose and creating their dream lives.

Empowering Growth

Find instant local friends in business who support you as you grow, challenge you to level up at your own pace, and remind you to maintain your values.

Authentic Connection

Not a fan of “networking?” Neither are we. Instead, we show up beautifully-imperfect, connect genuinely, and hold safe space for all we need to feel, say, and do.

Who's Buzzing About The Hive?

We Believe in...

Working for Yourself, Not by Yourself.

Both entrepreneurship and remote work can be lonely. Maybe you’re here because your friends and family don’t really understand your challenges as a business owner, or maybe you’re here because you just miss seeing friendly faces during the week. We get it!

What makes The Hive special is the people, our bees! Women come here because they want to connect authentically with other women in business. We’re sick of leaving networking events with stacks of business cards but no relationships. If that sounds like you, you’ve just found your new business home (Yes, even if you don’t *need* a space. We host weekly business growth events.)

A Space to Do Business Authentically

Because You Are Worth Investing In
Join The Hive and all these perks are yours:

Over a $1,000/mo value for only $95/mo!


Your ideas belong in an environment that cultivates growth and support, where you can feel more…

Private Offices

Find the perfect small office space for rent and take your goals to the next level, where you can feel more…

An Inspiring Business Community

More Than *Just* a Wichita Coworking Space
Our Members Also Benefit From:

Just Need a Day Away?

If you're looking for a WeWork or something similar to The Wing, you can buy a day pass anytime (yes, even 2 AM), and escape whatever is going on inside your home, office, or head

What's Happening at The Hive?

Our Founder's Story

Andrea Hattan, founder of The Hive sitting in the space in a white chair with a white table. Window and artwork behind her. She has brown hair, curled, wearing a white blazer, smiling with her arms crossed over her crossed legs.

Hi there, I’m Andrea Hattan, founder of The Hive.

As a former middle school writing teacher, I love creating safe spaces that foster authenticity, belonging, vulnerability, and growth. 

When I left my “9-5” to work remotely as a marketing strategist, I missed connecting, collaborating, and learning.

With my history of depression, it was crucial to get out of the house to a workspace that was bright, beautiful, and inspiring. Cheered on by my community, I created Wichita’s first and only women-focused coworking space.

But it’s so much more than *just* a space. The Hive is home to entrepreneurial-minded women who know the secret to success: surrounding yourself with inspiration.

I always enjoy a good “coffee date,” and I’m curious to learn what lights you up!

Words as Sweet as Honey

Grow Your Hive of Connections


Your ideas belong in an environment that cultivates growth and support where you can feel more…

Private Offices

Find the perfect office space for rent to take your goals to the next level so you can feel more…

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