The Hive

healthy, inspired,
valued and empowered.

What we do

Over the past decade, Wichita has grown to be more dynamic than ever and is buzzing with innovation, creativity, massive renovations, and a plethora of new businesses.

Some of those new businesses, however,

are not brick and mortar.

Instead, they live in the spaces between people and don’t require their owners and employees to work in the traditional sense of going to an office from 9-5.

That leaves entrepreneurs and their teams susceptible to working from home in their pj’s on their couch, feeling quite lonely and uninspired. 

That’s where The Hive comes in.


The Hive is more than just a workspace

We also offer classes, skills training, a library full of helpful and inspiring books, a meeting space, on-site yoga, an A/V room for recording videos and podcasts, and evening events.

The heart of The Hive is our community of like-minded peers who work beside, collaborate with, and learn from each other.



Why we are different

The Hive – Wichita, KS is a women-focused coworking space for creative entrepreneurs and remote workers to work on their passions, connect with like-minded creatives, and thrive in a supportive, resource-rich environment.

While we are women-focused for coworking, we do welcome men and gender non-conforming individuals into our space to be community members and attend our lunch and learns, happy hour socials/networking events, and workshops/classes as well access our on-site yoga and professional chair massages.

Messages of love and light
Hear from a few of our coworking members who helped turn The Hive into a reality!
“I am so excited to be a part of The Hive. Andrea Stang is creating a supportive, engaging, and collaborative community and then providing a thoughtful, functional, and beautiful office space for us to fly in and out of.”
Christina House

President, Galileo Group

“Some incredible power is being unleashed at The Hive. Wichita, watch out, and I hope you’re all ready for the magic! The Hive is going to be a powerhouse of amazingness you’ll want to be a part of.”
Jenny Wiley

IPEC Coaching

“I am literally counting down the days until I can cowork at The Hive. I know I and several others say this a lot, but I am GENUINELY so proud of you and amazed by the community you are building.”
Jordan Page

IPEC Coaching

“Andrea’s drive and passion to make this dream happen is actually what convinced me that I needed this in my life and that it would be such a huge opportunity to grow my business. Andrea is so inspiring and I know I am going to learn and grow in the community through the other boss ladies…I’m so inspired to work that much harder to really put all I have and determination into making big goals and dreams happen!”

-KyAnn Molina

Photographer, KyAnn Raye Photography

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