Get Your Business in Order and Become a...

Do You Ever Feel Like Your Business isn't a

"Grown Up" Business?

  • You're selling to anyone and everyone and you don't have enough clients you love working with
  • You're spending all your time on the admin details instead of more time on what lights you up
  • You're not "showing up" because you don't feel confident in what you're doing yet
  • Your processes are all over the place and you're struggling to be consistent
  • You know there's something you forgot that you were "supposed" to do to be a "real business"

Start Feeling Less Overwhelmed and More

Laser-Focused on What Matters

After helping over 1,000 women ideate, create, and grow their businesses, The Hive is here to help YOU, even if you’re not (yet ; ) a member.

We’ve lined up a dozen of our favorite business resource partners to walk you through every step of turning your business into a "Hive Certified Business." 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Hands-on learning and built-in accountability so you can take action steps that will help you to transform your business NOW.

Mindset Shift— Employee to Entrepreneur

Owning a business is very different from being an employee. We'll help you get in the right headspace to be a successful business owner.

Confidence in Your Pricing & Strategy

If you're not charging enough, you have a hobby, not a business. We'll talk numbers and overall strategy to point you in the right direction.

Power to Magnetize Your Ideal Client

Yes, everyone can buy your product/service, but if you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Know who you're talking to and to get them to buy from you.

Peace That You've Done it "Right"

LLC formation, Insurance, Banking, Accounting...we've brought you the experts to ensure you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's.

What's Inside?

12 weeks of Actionable Lessons

Lesson 1: Set Your Mindset

with Master certified life coach, Sarah Yost

Lesson 2: Clarify Your Offering & Pricing

with Business consultant, Jaimie Garnett

Lesson 3: Establish Your Target Market

with The Hive’s founder, Andrea Hattan

Lesson 4: Create a Strategy to Operate Effectively

with Leadership strategist, Evy Andra

Lesson 5: Master Your Schedule

with Organizational guru, Sarah Kerby Clifford

Lesson 6: Legalize Your Business

with Attorney, Karlee Williams

Lesson 7: Protect Your Assets

with Insurance agent, Heidi Holle-Williams

Lesson 8: Build Your Banking Strategy

with Business Banker, Randa Wilson

Lesson 9: Professionalize Your Branding

with Marketing expert, Kaity Robinson

Lesson 10: Automate Your Processes

with Community manager, Jessica Tung

Lesson 11: Network Authentically

Community builder, Andrea Hattan

Lesson 12: Outsource & Delegate

with Lifestyle Manager, Kristen Townsend

Bonus: Create Your Own Definition of Success

with Social entrepreneur, Audra Dinnell

become a Hive Certified business

Take our 12 week course and get "certified"



  • Start immediately
  • Get access to all lessons to binge or go week by week
  • Access to Private Group to Connect with Other Students
  • Contact info. for each of our 12 instructors, so you can discuss working together further

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you show us that you've watched all the lessons, completed all the homework, and you're still not happy, we absolutely want to give you a 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the time investment?

Each lesson is only 20-30 minutes, but the action steps (ahem...homework) will likely take a week each. So we anticipate most students completing the course in 12 weeks. We know, however, that some of you will binge watch and get it all done in a day or two or three. Either way is fine! In total, it's about 6 hours of content and 6+ hours of homework.

What types of homework will there be?

Some of our instructors assign "thought work" and others have very tangible action steps. Each instructor has 3 steps you can take following their lesson. Two examples would be 1. Define your dream work environment 2. Pull out your calendar and schedule in your quarterly and annual planning sessions.

How did you pick the experts and why is there not more diversity?

Our experts are Hive members and we've worked with each of them with professionally. Karlee is one of our lawyers. Sarah Y., Jaimie, and Evy have all been our business coaches, Randa is our banker. We're a client of Kristen's and Kaity's, and a student in Audra's program, The Thread. We've done organizational strategy with Sarah K. Heidi is our insurance broker. Jessica and Andrea have worked together on The Hive team for over three years!

And regarding diversity—we were pretty embarrassed when we looked at the lineup of all white women. In this day and age? Ouch. We should do better. The problem? While we do have some (not yet enough) diversity in The Hive, we don't currently have any members of color who focus on these areas in broader terms. We do have some awesome recommendations of women of color to work with if you're focused in the nonprofit world. These ladies have some big hearts and brilliant minds. Ask and we'll drop some names. And if you're a woman of color who would like to join The Hive and be one of our recommended experts, we'd LOVE to talk. Please also share your contacts who we should talk with. In our community, we are trying to match the diversity of Wichita, because representation matters. Big time. Help us reach that goal for so many great reasons—we want diversity of background, ideas, and inspiration.

What are the technology requirements?

You'll need a computer or a phone. As soon as you purchase the course, you'll receive a link where you can access the course. You'll be redirected to a site called "Grow Your Hive" on Mighty Networks that you can open via the web (on your computer or phone) or an app on your smart phone.

How long will I have access to the course?

For 12 weeks! If you'd like to maintain access to the entire course, we encourage you to stay on as a Hive member ($95/mo) and continue having access to our beautiful space and support from our community! If you are struggling to complete the course in that timeframe and really truly don't see yourself remaining a member, just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll find a way to get you access a little longer. There's always a way ; ).

become a Hive Certified business

Take our 12-week course and get officially certified (you'll get a website badge and brick and mortar sticker)



  • Start immediately
  • Get access to all lessons to binge or go week by week
  • Access to Private Group to Connect with Other Students
  • Contact info. for each of our 12 instructors, so you can discuss working together further

A Note from Andrea

This is a course I've dreamed of co-creating since The Hive opened doors in April 2018.

To say I'm excited to share these experts with you is a vast understatement. If you've attended L&L's and coaching with us, you already know the magic of these women.

But if you've never experienced it in person, now's your chance to access their brilliance—it's succinct, authentic, and action-oriented.

It's everything we love about the way we do business as a Hive.

That's what becoming a "Hive Certified Business" is all about. Doing business the way we believe it's possible: authentically, vulnerably, growth-focused, professionally, and celebrating the successes of others all along the way.

So glad you're joining us on this mission of #womensupportingwomen in business.

The Hive Wichita LLC


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