Vision 2020 Workshops and Retreat

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Note: While you can attend just the workshop, we encourage you to also stay for the overnight retreat. With this option, you can expect to spend anywhere from $225-$525 total for the experience, depending on your choice of accommodations.

Think of it as the most powerful stay-cation you've ever experienced!

​Workshop ​:

Unapologetic Abundance ​& Joy with Ivy LaClair

​Get ready for a brand new decade by creating an unapologetic vision of your future! Discover the power of dreaming boldly by tapping into your intuition, your connection to greater knowing, and the part of you that has confidence and clarity about even your most ambitious goals. In this workshop we’ll be leaning into abundance and joy, and we’ll have fun doing it! #sorrynotsorry

Ivy LaClair is committed to helping heart centered entrepreneurs FINALLY gain the confidence they need to show up for themselves and shape a life and business they love. With experiential insights from her own journey and a gold standard coaching certification, she delivers a unique blend of mindset and spiritual support with effective branding and sales conversion strategies. Ivy LaClair paves the way for all heart-centered entrepreneurs to boldly step into their power and own their worth.


Eunoia (Beautiful Mind) with Mariama Beemer

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​Eunoia means “beautiful mind”. That’s where our greatest dreams, goals, and plans are born. It all begins with your imagination. As we close 2019, I want you to imagine where you want to be a year from now. How will you get there? In this workshop, you will rediscover the art of dreaming, so you can:

1. Redefine your purpose and reset your goals.

2. Be more focused, efficient, and productive instead of just busy.

3. Dream bigger and smarter: with a purpose and action plan so you can achieve your success. 

My goal is to help you start 2020 equipped with the tools you need to take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

​​Mariama Beemer is a wife, a mom, and a focused career businesswoman.
She is the CEO and founder of TEA Talks Kansas, a professional development conference with a mission to empower women to succeed through self-discovery and self-acceptance.

As an engineer with a decade of experience in the technology field, and a Computer Science degree, she is passionate about the science behind our enigmatic brain as it relates to success.
As a professional development enthusiast, speaker, and facilitator, her focus on critical skills for sustainable growth.

She prides herself on her ability to serve others by sharing her experiences and research-backed strategies and techniques on how to be boldly confident.

She is at home in an inclusive environment of women devoted to helping each other succeed.

Vision 2020 Overnight Retreat (includes cocktails ​& breakfast)

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8 PM: Cocktails

8:30 PM: Uninhibited Dancing

9 PM: Yoga & Meditation (led by Sarah with Waterfall Yoga)

10 PM: Tea and Journaling


8 AM: Breakfast and Coffee/Tea

9-11 AM: Journaling and Self-Reflection

Once you purchase this option, please email andrea@thehivewichita.com to select your accommodations*

(*An additional $​50-$300, depending on desired level of comfort and privacy).

*Options include:

BYO sleeping bag in the main room for no additional charge (25 available)

Share a fold out couch: $50/ea. (6 available)

Share a queen bed: $75/ea. (6 available)

Share a king bed: $100/ea. (4 available)

Have a private room: $150-$300 (5 available)